Lunar, Werewolf or Moon Diet

What is Lunar, Werewolf or Moon Diet and How To Do It?

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The influence of the moon is normally related to the time of delivery in pregnant women, changes in the tides, or our mood. But the moon can also be related to losing a few kilos quickly by taking benefit of changes in the moon phase. In this article of, we will explain to you what is Lunar, Werewolf, or Moon Diet and how to do it. Let’s Start

In the moon diet, the phases of the new moon and the full moon are used to make specific fasts. This does not mean that the moon has some kind of control over our metabolism or our way of gaining or losing weight, it is only used as a reference to mark the time between one fast and another. [1]

If you don’t want to go on a diet, but you need to lose a little weight promptly, the diet of the moon may interest you. If you want to know everything about the lunar, werewolf, or moon diet, what it is, and how to do it, do not miss the following article in which we tell you all about this novel diet.

What is the lunar, werewolf, or moon diet?

The moon diet is a kind of diet based on the lunar cycle. Overall, it consists of fasting for 26 hours that correspond with the changes in the phase of the moon. During the change to the full moon and the change to the new moon. During these times of fasting, it is only allowed to drink liquids.

The purpose of taking the lunar cycles as a reference is because the new moon phase lasts for three days and is related to the detoxification period that the body experiences. Besides that, the full moon is linked with fullness, achievement, and is symbolically considered the perfect stage for beginnings.

Do you want to know how to do the moon diet? Keep reading!

How to do the lunar, werewolf, or moon diet

If you have determined to do the diet of the moon, there are a series of guidelines or suggestions that you must take into account so that the outcome is as expected. Remember that this diet is based on two main fasting days in the month supplemented with support fasts. For the rest of the month consume in a balanced way.

How to Fast for the New Moon and Full Moon

These are some of the directions you have to follow to understand how to fast on the moon diet:

  • The fast should last a total of 26 hours.
  • Fasting starts one hour before the start of the moon phase. During the fasting period, solid foods are not allowed, you can only drink liquids. You should drink at least two liters of water and drink vegetable broths, infusions, or natural juices without sugar.
  • Salt, sugar, sweeteners, soft drinks, caffeine, dairy products, energy drinks, unnatural juices, chewing gums, syrups, or soy-based drinks cannot be consumed during the fast.
  • You should fast 2 times a month. One when the change to the full moon occurs and the other when the phase change is to the new moon.
  • During the full moon and new moon phases is when most weight is lost. We suggest you weigh yourself in the morning before eating or drinking anything and note your weight before and after fasting.

Maintenance during the month

To manage yourself during the month you can do the so-called “support fasts” or “half fasts”. These fasts should be done when the phase change is the first quarter and when the change in the last quarter.

Support fasts, which last as long as main fasts, are not just liquid fasts. In these periods you can eat some foods such as fruits, salads, vegetable broths, jellies or yogurts. The important thing is that you don’t mix them. Choose the food you want to eat and take just that to supplement the support fasts.

If you are overweight and want to do the diet of the moon, you must take into account its contraindications. Pregnant women, people breastfeeding, minors, or people with chronic pathologies or diseases should refrain from doing this diet. Consult your doctor for advice on this.

Does the moon diet work?

Does the moon diet work?

As in all new diets or diets popularized by influencers, it must be made clear that these methods do not have a scientific basis to support their effectiveness. Whenever you want to start a new diet, it is advisable to consult your family doctor who can advise you if this diet is suitable for your needs and give you some guidelines so that the result is as expected.

The effectiveness of this diet is based on the ability to purify and avoid fluid retention that fasts have. The loss of fluid that occurs with this diet can achieve a very specific weight loss of around 2 kilos. In that sense, it can be considered to work.

However, as with other diets, it is necessary to remember that not all bodies are the same or react in the same way to a change in diet. Besides, it is not a diet that can be extended in time, since any fasting diet is to be carried out at specific times.

Do not forget that for this diet to be healthy, fasting periods must be accompanied by a balanced and varied diet, as well as a constant exercise routine.

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