Foods that Are Good For Hair Growth

What Foods Are Good For Hair Growth?

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Foods good for hair growth: 

If you are thinking about what to eat for good hair? then you are right place. Do you know that you can improve the appearance of your hair by following a good diet? There is no truer phrase than the one that says “We are what we eat” and that is that the nutrients that we introduce into our body will be responsible for making our function perfectly inside and this is noticeable on the outside. So whether you’re looking to strengthen your hair, make it shinier and silkier, or simply have a thick mane, follow these tips that we give you in HOWORWHAT and discover the foods that are good for your hair. If you start to include them in your diet, you will improve your appearance and, besides, you will also improve your internal health. Great, don’t you think?

Foods good for hair growth

Proteins good for hair growth

Within the group of foods rich in protein, three products will help us to show off strong and healthy hair thanks to their properties. Next, we are going to discover them so that you can know what they are:

Eggs for stronger hair

Eggs for stronger hair
Eggs for stronger hair | Images|

One of the foods that contain more protein is the egg and, most of it is found in the white of it. In addition to this, this product is also rich in minerals such as selenium, iron, zinc, or sulfur, which will be perfect for deeply nourishing our hair and making it appear healthier. Among all of them, we highlight the importance of iron to take care of our hair since it is the main agent that is responsible for transporting oxygen to the hair follicles. You can simply incorporate it into your diet or, also, prepare an egg mask for your hair.

Salmon, a perfect fish for hair growth

Salmon benefits for hair growth are countless. This food is rich in protein and vitamin D but, also, contains Omega 3 fatty acids that are perfect for hair to appear silky and shiny. Think that this type of fatty acid is NOT produced naturally by our body and, therefore, we can only include it through food, for this reason, taking salmon or, in general, bluefish will help you improve the health of your hair and that of your body in general. [1]

Oysters, perfect for hair growth

This type of seafood is good food for the hair since it is rich in zinc, a mineral that manages to strengthen the hair and hair of our body in addition to hydrating the scalp, thus making the hair grow strong and healthy from the start. Keep in mind that only by eating 100 grams of oysters we are taking more than 400% of this mineral that we need, therefore, you can see the incredible contribution it offers us. So add oysters in your daily routine foods for hair growth.

Ideal vegetables for hair growth

Vegetables are also good foods for the hair as they provide us with an interesting source of vitamins and minerals that will deeply nourish each strand and thus make the hair appear healthier and in perfect condition. But not all vegetables are equally good, so next, we are going to highlight the best:

Spinach, perfect for strong hair

Spinach, perfect for strong hair
Spinach, perfect for strong hair | Images|

All green leafy vegetables are healthy and great for hair, but among them all, spinach stands out above the rest. The reason is that this ingredient provides minerals as interesting as iron, but they are also rich in vitamin C or beta-carotene that manage to keep the follicles in perfect condition and, also, promote blood circulation so that oxygen and nutrients arrive better to the root of our hair. Add this delicious vegetable in your daily routine diet to get more benefits for your hair growth.

More beautiful hair thanks to carrots

Another of the best foods for hair is carrot, a vegetable very rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Therefore, it will keep hair in perfect condition and prevent premature aging and deterioration. Carrot is also rich in beta-carotene, so it will repair and nourish the mane. If you use Avocado and Carrots together, it will boom your hair growth.

White Onion is ideal for hair

health benefits of white onion
health benefits of white onion | Images|

The health benefits of white onion for hair growth are countless, especially it’s juice. It is a perfect ingredient to prevent hair loss by strengthening it and promoting hair growth. The reason is that it is rich in various minerals and nutrients that improve our hair health, such as, for example, the high sulfur content that allows us to regenerate hair growth by increasing keratin production. White onion also improves blood circulation thanks to quercetin and, therefore, ensures that the nutrients reach the scalp better and that the hair grows nourished and healthy. You can use white onion juice as a shampoo also to grow your hair very fast.

Other good foods for hair growth

In addition to these two food groups, you should know that two ingredients will help us to have strong and healthy hair just by including them in our diet. Do you want to know what they are? Take note!

Avocado, a perfect ally to improve your hair growth

Foods good for hair
Avocado is counted among the good foods for hair growth. | Images|

This fruit is very beneficial for our hair because it has interesting nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as vegetable oils and an interesting portion of water. All this makes it a product that will restore, soften, and strengthen hair, making it grow healthier and much faster. It also avoids frizz and adds more density to the hair, making your hair look much fuller and fuller.

Walnuts, great for hair growth

Walnuts, great for hair growth
Walnuts, great for hair growth | Images|

These nuts contain oils that enhance elastin and promote hair growth. Keep in mind that if you do not have enough oil in your body, in the end, the ends can break or the hair will split, so it will be weakened and fragile. The Omega 3 fatty acids that we find in walnuts make them perfect for improving our hair but, besides, they also provide us with interesting nutrients such as biotin and vitamin E that strengthen the hair and make it appear silkier and shinier.

Tips for caring for hair

Food is important to achieve beautiful and healthy hair, but you must also take into account other habits that can spoil the appearance of our hair and damage it. Here are some tips to take care of your hair and keep it in perfect condition:

  • Use the shampoo you need: you must use the products that your hair needs to give it the care it needs; If you have dry, greasy, dyed, or curly hair, you should wash it with the special shampoos for it.
  • Apply conditioner: it will soften, hydrate, and give more shine to your hair, it will also prevent knots from becoming knotted and that, when brushing your hair, you can break or damage it.
  • Rinse your hair well: both shampoo and conditioner, it is important that you rinse your hair properly to remove any residue to prevent residues from remaining in your hair and ending up greasing it.
  • Control brushing: do not comb every two or three, do it only 2 or 3 times a day so that it is untangled but without damaging it. Besides, it is recommended that you use a brush with natural bristles to protect it as much as possible.
  • Protect the hair from heat: whether you use a hairdryer or an iron, it is recommended that, before doing so, you use a thermal protector to minimize its aggression. In any case, it is recommended that you do not use them daily so as not to damage or burn it.

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