How to remove limescale from your steam iron

How to remove limescale from your steam iron

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How to remove limescale from your steam iron: Best tricks

Find out how to remove limescale from your steam iron. You will be able to keep your appliance in perfect condition and your favorite clothes safe from stains.

One of the most used appliances in the United States in a home is the iron. And as much as we can stretch our clothes after washing, we will always need them. But, even if it seems that the steam iron never gets dirty, at least at first glance, it must be impeccable. Therefore, we must clean the steam iron both inside and outside.

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Don’t wait for your iron to start staining your clothes or stop working to realize that it needs cleaning. Otherwise, you will not only have to buy a new iron, but your clothes can get damaged if you continue ironing with a dirty, burned, or lime-filled iron. Find out how to clean the clothes iron to avoid it!

How to remove limescale from your steam iron

If you have noticed that dirty water comes out of the iron or that it has white stains on the soleplate, now is the time to know how to clean the iron from lime to avoid completely spoiling it. Like the rest of the appliances with water tanks, the plates require periodic maintenance to guarantee optimum performance.

And it is that over time, especially if you live in an area where the water is hard, the lime particles accumulate and become embedded in the sole, as well as in the boiler and the tank. This, in addition to obstructing the outlet of steam through the holes, could damage the tissues. Therefore, regular maintenance of the iron is recommended, so we will show you how to clean the iron with home remedies.

First of all, you should know that there are some precautions to avoid the formation of lime on the iron, allowing maintenance operations to be reduced to a minimum. For example, use distilled water or tap water according to the manufacturer’s instructions and always empty the tank or boiler after each use.

Natural remedies to clean the limescale without a boiler

Before having to resort to the use of specific products, there are several natural remedies that you can use to clean your clothes iron. Take note!

  • The first method is to fill half the tank of the iron, place a container under the soleplate, and steam without stopping until all the water has been emptied. Thus, the pressure of the steam will remove the lime residues, even some modern irons have a specific function to carry out this type of cleaning.
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  • Another remedy to clean the sole and dissolve limescale is baking soda. To do this, pour a little of this product into a container with cold water to make a kind of paste. With the help of a soft cloth, clean the sole with this mixture and remove encrusted lime deposits. Finally, rinse with a clean damp cloth before using it.

Products to clean the iron with boiler

How to remove limescale from your steam iron
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To clean the clothes iron with a boiler, home remedies may not achieve the desired results, they could even damage the appliance. However, there are specific and safe anti-scale products for this type of plate.

Some of these products are used to avoid limescale in the boiler. They are usually liquid products against limescale, but with preventive action as well, so you must put them in the boiler directly according to the indications and the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Remember that some types of boiler steam irons avoid the negative effects of limescale and do not require any maintenance. In any case, whatever method you have decided to use, carry out these operations regularly for a good performance of your iron, and preserve the optimal condition of your garments for longer.

Best tricks to clean limescale from your steam iron

  • Before cleaning the limescale, clean the water tank, for which we will have to disconnect the appliance and introduce water with vinegar into the tank. Cleaning the steam iron with white vinegar is, without a doubt, the best option. Mix equal parts water and vinegar, then turn on the iron. When it is hot, we will have to activate the steam until the dirt comes out completely. After emptying the tank, wipe with a cloth to remove any dirt.
  • You can also clean the iron with a dry cloth and several tablespoons of salt. It’s as simple as plugging in the iron, waiting for it to heat up, and scrubbing back and forth until the burn marks and lime stains are gone. When the iron has cooled down, finish cleaning it with a damp cloth.
  • You can also mix warm water with dish soap, soak a cloth with this mixture and rub to clean the lime iron until the base is perfect.
  • Finally, you can use toothpaste to clean the clothes iron. Apply it on the cold base, rub well, activate the steam, and iron on a cloth that does not work. It will be impeccable.
  • Do not fill the tank of the steam iron with tap water or it will fill with lime. The ideal is to use distilled water, but, if it is late and it is clogged by lime do not worry, it will be enough to use a nickel pad and detergent to rub over the base gently to remove all stains. Rinse afterward with a damp cloth, dry well.
  • Always use the right temperature and, if it has any starch stains, clean it with olive oil with the hot iron.
  • Finally, wipe the iron with a damp cloth after each use and you will avoid staining your clothes.

Better safe than sorry, so try to follow the regular maintenance of your iron. If you want to keep it in perfect condition for longer, cleaning the iron regularly will be more than necessary.

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