How To Take Cinnamon For Diabetes

How To Take Cinnamon For Diabetes

Surprisingly, cinnamon can help people with type 2 diabetes lower their blood sugar levels even though it’s sweet food. It is the most common type of diabetes and is characterized by high glucose levels in the cells and poor absorption of glucose. Therefore, these people do not respond to insulin well in their cells. Cinnamon contains a compound that makes insulin more effective because it improves the way cells respond to it. Consequently, cinnamon reduces the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol in type 2 diabetic patients. Nevertheless, it should not take the place of conventional medication for diabetes but be used in conjunction.

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Is cinnamon helpful in treating diabetes?

Is cinnamon helpful in treating diabetes?

In the beginning, you should know that cinnamon is an effective method for treating diabetes type 2 patients, but not type 1.

The method is effective, but before using it, speak to your doctor about whether it could be beneficial in your case and, more importantly, do not make matters worse.

Cinnamon helps diabetes by regulating blood sugar. You need to understand how diabetes functions. The liver transforms glucose into glycogen when insulin is secreted into the body by the pancreas. Diabetes can also result in overweight, obesity, and increased cholesterol because insulin participates in other metabolic processes.

Despite this, those with type 2 diabetes have higher glucose levels because they are resistant to insulin.

One of the compounds in cinnamon is methyl-hydroxy-chalcone, or MHCP, which helps cells respond better to insulin. Also, it can work in conjunction with it, thereby reducing blood sugar levels to a significant degree and preventing diabetes. [1]

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Cinnamon as a substitute for sugar

It may surprise you to learn that you can use cinnamon as a substitute for sugar or condiments, or as a food supplement if you have diabetes. If you have any other disease, it is advisable to consult a doctor before adding it to your diet.

Although cinnamon’s composition is different from sugar’s, it is also a sweetener. The reduction of this disease-causing sweetener can be accomplished by replacing the sugar you take with cinnamon. Furthermore, the white sugar we consume is refined and extremely unhealthy. Spices can be used in sauces, meats, or vegetable dishes as well as desserts or sweet dishes. Obviously, small doses are safe; however, you must not abuse them either. The recommendation is to take up to 1 gram, or half or one teaspoon, every day. [2]

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Recipes containing cinnamon for diabetes treatment

There are many options for using this spice in meals because it is extremely versatile and there are several recipes that include it for diabetics. For your health, we give you some ideas on how you can add this spice to the following types of foods:

Cinnamon for breakfast

It can be eaten at breakfast as part of a healthy diet. Using cinnamon in this manner is the simplest method. It can be used as a sweetener in juice and on toast, for example. Cinnamon is an excellent addition to oatmeal for breakfast if you are one of them. In addition to fruit, you can also include it in your breakfast to improve its nutritional quality. Adding a little cinnamon to fruit such as orange or banana is also an option.

Meats and vegetables with cinnamon

When cooking poultry, pork, or beef, cinnamon makes a good seasoning. This spice can be used to make a meat sauce or just as a seasoning. As an alternative to white or brown sugar, you can use cinnamon when you make candied vegetables. As well as tasting sweet, you won’t be consuming extra sugar, which is not good for your body.

Cinnamon in the oven recipes

Pastries and other baked goods can benefit from cinnamon. You can use it to replace sugar in some recipes and even make your own bread in small amounts. It’s important to mix the dry ingredients well so there are no lumps. The cinnamon and dry flour combine very well. Rather than removing a little nutmeg, you might add a little more cinnamon if the recipe already calls for it.

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Cinnamon for cookies

You can also decorate your cookies with them. Diabetic recipes without sweeteners include some pastries. If you sprinkle cinnamon over the top as a decoration, it will add that sweet touch while not causing an increase in blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Type 2 Drinks with Cinnamon

This spice is also an excellent addition to drinks because it gives them a unique flavor that is excellent for controlling blood sugar levels.

Drinks with cinnamon

In addition to solid foods, cinnamon can also be added to drinks. There have been reports of it being included in coffee and breakfast juice without added sugar for diabetics. It is also possible to make a diabetic-friendly smoothie by adding cinnamon. You will get a rich, sweet taste when you mix it with honey.

Cinnamon tea

cinnamon tea for diabetes
cinnamon tea for diabetes

One way to incorporate cinnamon into your daily life is to have cinnamon tea. Cinnamon sticks and water are all you need to prepare it. In a tall glass, combine the hot water and cinnamon sticks. Boil the water once it is ready. It is then ready to be strained.

Supplementing your diet with this spice is another way to incorporate it into your diet. As a supplement for diabetes, cinnamon can be found in herbalist stores, but it is not added to meals. As a supplement, you can also take the right proportion of cinnamon per day, although you may find it less tasty and more uncomfortable.

Warnings for taking cinnamon during diabetes

To help you avoid complications when taking cinnamon for diabetes type 2: [3]

  • The benefit of this method is that it is effective, however, there are some indications to follow, such as consulting with your doctor before using this technique.
  • As cinnamon is not medication as such, it cannot be used in place of diabetes medication.
  • We recommend you to visit your doctor due to the possibility of it interfering with the medications you are taking. As well as serving as an effective anti-hyperglycemic agent, cinnamon lowers blood sugar. Combined, they can cause low blood sugar levels, which are just as dangerous as high sugar levels.
  • In addition, you should be aware of how much cinnamon you are taking and keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Using this method, you will know what you should consume, although as we discussed previously, 1 gram of cinnamon equivalent to 14 teaspoons per day is recommended.
  • Adding a healthy diet or exercising to the cinnamon supplement will make it more effective. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions.
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