vampire makeup for Halloween

How to put on vampire makeup for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner, and although due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus it will not be possible to have big parties, as usual, you can celebrate it at home, as a family, and thus enjoy such a special occasion. Today we give you the keys to know how to put on a vampire makeup for Halloween, undoubtedly one of the characters with the greatest presence in the costumes at this party.

Halloween night is the night of terror, the night in which you have to dress up as a terrifying character, such as a vampire, witch, zombie, etc. And if we talk about costumes, makeup will undoubtedly be a very important detail, essential in some cases, to give an incredible final touch to the look.

Steps to a vampire makeup for Halloween

vampire makeup for Halloween
vampire makeup for Halloween
  • The first thing you should do is get everything you need for this makeup, which will be fangs and fake blood. You can also buy both in a specialty store if you want.
  • Look for a makeup base that leaves your skin pale, practically white, so it will give you a really vampire look.
  • Use pressed powder to set your foundation, in a very pale shade.
  • Apply black eyeliner to your eyebrows, or you can do it with an eyeshadow in that same color.
  • Now use an eyeshadow in purple to create circles under the eyes, which provide a terrifying and very dramatic touch. Apply this shadow also under the eyebrows. If you want a bloody look in your eyes, also use red eyeshadow.
  • Finish off the eyes with a black eyeliner over the top line and the line under the eye, blending with a brush. You can also put on mascara to give your eyes more darkness.
  • If possible, wear white lenses, which are approved and do not harm your eyes. The look it can give to your vampire look can be really amazing.
  • On the lips, for a more dramatic effect, use lipstick in red, similar to blood. A red lip gloss will add more realism to your makeup.
  • Now is the time to put on your fangs.
  • To put the blood, whichever is chosen, let it fall from the corner of the lips, in the corners, blurring slightly to make it look more real.

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