How to preserve coriander?

How to preserve coriander?

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How to preserve coriander:

Keeping food in good condition is essential to take advantage of all the food and regardless of the product, it must be kept in optimal conditions to prolong its consumption time. Concern about storing and keeping leftovers from prepared dishes and other foods in the fridge and freezer is very common, but it is also important to preserve ingredients such as spices and herbs.

To keep spices and herbs safe to eat, like coriander, for a long time, you need to know specific methods that will help you get there. If you want to discover what is good for keeping coriander fresh and the best techniques, at HOWORWHAT we advise you to read this article in which we explain how to preserve coriander correctly.

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Herb preservative to preserve coriander

An herb preservative will be of great help to keep the coriander fresh for longer. You can find this device in aromatic herb stores, department stores, and online. Used correctly, it will help you keep fresh products, such as basil, parsley, and coriander, for about 3 weeks. Not sure how a herbal preservative works? In HOWORWHAT we explain it to you using these instructions:

  • Contains water in the base to keep the coriander green.
  • To prevent air or any contaminating element from entering the container, it has a transparent capsule that blocks it.
  • Allows you to preserve coriander and other herbs vertically without having to be crushed.
  • Change the water in the base every 3 days for it to work properly.

Use Salt to preserve coriander

Use Salt to preserve coriander
Use Salt to preserve coriander

If you wonder how you can keep coriander in the fridge, take note that salt is one of the best alternatives to make it last longer. How to preserve coriander with salt? Follow these steps:

  • Disinfect and dry this herb with absorbent paper.
  • Chop the branches and leaves of this herb and mix the?em with salt: add two tablespoons of salt for every half cup of this herb.
  • Place the mixture in a glass container and, after covering it, store it in the fridge.
  • When you want to use the coriander salt, you will have to substitute the necessary salt in any recipe for an identical amount of this mixture, so you will provide the same amount of salt but with the touch of the coriander flavor.

How to Store Fresh coriander in the Freezer

Freezing the coriander is a good option to keep it for longer, but you must do it correctly so that it does not spoil when freezing or thawing it. Storing it in the freezer in a sealed bag is usually not enough to get it out of thaw. So how do you freeze coriander to preserve it? Follow these steps to get it:

  • You must blanch the coriander so that the decomposition enzymes die. To do this, boil water in a pot.
  • Prepare a container that contains ice water.
  • When the water in the pot is boiling, add the coriander for several seconds.
  • Quickly remove the herbs from the pot and submerge them in the ice water. Thus, you will eliminate the heat and stop them from cooking.
  • Pat the coriander dry with a paper towel or cloth.
  • Separate the leaves and stems of the herbs to finish drying and to group them according to your need to store in the freezer. In this way, you can get the exact portions of the coriander that you need at all times.
  • Place the leaves in bags that close hermetically and freeze them horizontally, that is, they are as loose as possible so they do not get crushed. So you will have the frozen coriander ready.

Preserving the coriander in water

Another of the methods with which you will know how to preserve coriander is by soaking the twigs in water. How to put the coriander in water so that it is preserved? At HOWORWHAT we recommend that you follow these steps:

  • Remove the damaged stems and leaves from the coriander bouquet and, if you see traces of soil, wash any that are fine with water.
  • Place the coriander on a paper towel or absorbent kitchen paper to let the leaves dry.
  • Fill a glass container with water and add the coriander, ensuring that the stems are covered, but especially the roots if they still have it, so it will last longer. The leaves should be above the water.
  • If you are going to use it in the next few days you can leave it like this on the kitchen counter, but if it is still going to take a little longer, store it in the fridge and change the water daily or every two days and, in this way, the coriander it will stay fresh for 2 weeks.

Coriander and turmeric

Turmeric also helps clean and preserve coriander. To use this method, you should have a glass container, a tablespoon of turmeric powder, and water. Follow these steps to make this method work:

  • Add water to the container and add a tablespoon of turmeric.
  • Put the plant in the mixture and wait for it to rest for 30 minutes.
  • After this time, rinse the leaves and stems with clean water.
  • Gently pat the herbs dry with a paper towel or absorbent paper towel.
  • Store this herb in the fridge in a container of clean water, making sure that the leaves are out of it and only the stems are submerged.
  • With this method, the coriander will stay fresh for more than three weeks, being able to enjoy this herb in different recipes with all the flavor it contains.

Coriander in ice cubes

Another option for storing frozen coriander to preserve is to use ice cubes.

  • Blanch the stems and leaves of this herb, as we have explained before, and chop them.
  • Put some in each of the holes in the ice bucket.
  • Fill the bucket with water carefully so that the coriander does not fall.
  • Put the ice cube tray on the freezer tray and wait for the ice cubes to be made.
  • You can easily defrost it when you need it.

Saving the wrapped coriander to preserve it

Finally, we advise you that to keep it a week or up to 10 days in a simple way, you can wrap it in aluminum foil or a cotton cloth.

  • Wash it with water and pat it dry with kitchen paper.
  • Lay the bouquet on the cloth or piece of aluminum foil.
  • Roll the cloth or paper vertically so that the bouquet is well covered.
  • If you have left enough space, you can fold the ends so that the coriander does not fall and it is better preserved, but try not to squash it.
  • Store it in the fridge and you will see that it stays that way for many days.

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