How to make deodorant last longer: The best tricks

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How to make deodorant last longer: The best tricks

Say goodbye to bad odor and excessive underarm sweating. Discover how to make the deodorant last longer, and that the smell of sweat is not a problem in your day today.

We all usually make use of deodorant, a product that we use throughout the year. However, you may suffer from excessive sweating, and the product that was working for you until now leaves you, especially when you are subjected to high temperatures.

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However, there are many ways to apply your regular deodorant to ensure optimal protection, so we show you how to make the deodorant for men or women last longer. Take the following steps into account and discover the best way to use this personal hygiene product. We started!

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  • The main trick to make the deodorant last longer is to use it at the right time. A non-antiperspirant deodorant should be applied just after a hot shower, as at that time the pores are open and will better absorb the product.
  • Another issue to keep in mind when using deodorant for women or men is that, once you get out of the shower and put it on, you should not get dressed immediately. Wait about 10 minutes for your skin to absorb it and the product to dry completely before putting your clothes on. Also, this will prevent the deodorant from staying on your clothes and staining them.
  • A homemade trick to make your deodorant last longer is to apply lemon to your armpits when you get out of the shower before using the deodorant. Lemon has astringent effects, so it cleanses the area of ​​bad odors and bacteria as well as preparing it to receive the protective benefits of your deodorant. It also acts as a kind of shield against bad odors, eliminating germs that your deodorant cannot.
  • When choosing, deodorants in roll-on or stick format are more effective than sprays. Although a spray deodorant for men or women does not stain clothes and we should not wait for it to dry to get dressed, it does not penetrate as well into the pores of your skin and, therefore, cannot guarantee optimal protection.
  • Better to buy deodorants without scents because, although the perfume of some of them can be very pleasant, it could mix with your sweat and generate a terrible body odor, in addition to staining your clothes.
  • To make the deodorant for women or men last longer, it is also very useful to wear shaved armpits. In the case of men, we can reduce the length of the hair a little, because when the hair mixes with sweat and deodorant, it will produce a very annoying body odor.
  • For people who suffer from excessive sweating, the deodorants that last the longest are antibacterials since, at the same time that they protect you, they are eliminating possible bacteria that cause bad odor. Choose it unscented to make sure you don’t have a bad time.
  • Bacteria that cause odor can also adhere to your deodorant, so ideally buy a new one. And never apply deodorant without having washed first.
  • Finally, if you’ve used many different types of deodorant and none of them work for you, try detoxifying your armpits with lemon and baking soda. Apply before entering the shower by massaging the lemon full of bicarbonate in the area. Leave on for 10 minutes and shower before applying a new men’s or women’s deodorant. Repeat this process daily for two weeks, you will notice the difference!

These are the mistakes you make when using deodorant

These are the mistakes you make when using deodorant
These are the mistakes you make when using deodorant | Images|
  • Although we shower every day, it is common for us to use deodorants and antiperspirants so that our body odor, especially if we suffer from excessive sweating, is not so evident. However, improper use of these products can have very unpleasant consequences.
  • To avoid this, we must know the mistakes we make to stop doing it wrong, so pay attention to the following recommendations:
  • Keep in mind that antiperspirants work best when used on dry skin. Furthermore, the product will also be less effective if the layer from the previous day remains on the skin. Therefore, wash the area before using it again.
  • Do not use antiperspirants or deodorants after waxing, they may contain alcohol and will cause discomfort and irritation.
  • The ideal time to use deodorant for men or women is not the morning, but the night before, before going to bed. At this time they will be more effective because the sweat glands are less active.
  • Antiperspirants tend to have a high concentration of aluminum salts and parabens so, although they are more effective, they also irritate the skin more.
  • Finally, depending on your body and the type of deodorant you use, you may not have to use it every day. Also, if in doubt, remove the previous layer and reapply it.
  • Be very careful when using sprays with high alcohol content, they could cause dermatitis. For sensitive skin, there are antiperspirants without perfume. But be careful with the use of antiperspirants, we already warn you of their consequences on the skin.
  • It is true that, as a general rule, a deodorant for men or women contains many chemicals. So, a good natural alternative would be the alum stone, but only for those people who do not suffer from excessive sweating or whose body odor is not too obvious.
  • Now that you have all the keys to using your deodorant correctly, you will not worry so much that your body odor appears, providing greater security in your day today.

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