look 10 years younger in 10 minutes
Something as simple as using a moisturizing cream every day can make the skin firmer and make it show less wrinkles.

How to look 10 years younger in 10 minutes

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Many of us want young and beautiful skin and look 10 years younger, but it is not always easy.

In the search to take care of the skin and give it a more youthful appearance, many women choose to use chemical products or resort to surgery. However, although these may be effective, they are not recommended. You do not have to empty your wallet to look younger, because there are ways you can do it naturally.

Would you like to look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes? It may sound a bit exaggerated, but it is possible with a few simple tricks.

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Tips to look 10 years younger in 10 minutes

Look 10 years younger by filling in the eyebrows

lighten eyebrows
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One of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of a few years is to fill in the eyebrows. The rule is: the fuller and more natural your eyebrows are, the better it looks.

Apply moisturizing cream

pretty without makeup
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If you do not use moisturizing skin creams, you will see a big difference once you start. You do not have to invest a lot of money on expensive products. A simple moisturizing cream can be the key to looking 10 years younger and reducing your wrinkles. You can even make your own creams with the help of home remedies.

Use youthful perfume

Although it may be hard to believe, a youthful perfume makes a difference. Various studies have shown that people who use perfumes for younger people also seem younger. Avoid perfumes with roses as a base as these are associated with aging.

Opt for soft makeup tones

opt for soft makeup tones to look 10 years younger
opt for soft makeup tones to look 10 years younger

As the years go by, we may feel a need to “hide” behind more and more makeup, but to look younger you should think of the English “less is more”, or “less is more”.

If you use makeup with strong tones, just draw attention to wrinkles and lines. Instead of using a black eyeliner, you can try using a darker brown tone with a warm pink or beige eye shadow.

Choose the right blush to look 10 years younger

Choose the right blush to look 10 years younger
Choose the right blush to look 10 years younger

Rouge is another good trick to look younger. There are different tones for different skin types. Choose one that is suitable for you and apply on the cheeks to look younger – but of course, do not overdo it. If you are not sure what type of blush to use, ask a store employee for advice.

Use lip balm

Use lip balm
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Lip balm helps your lips stay healthy. There are different types to get a full effect, which makes you look younger.

Take care of your hands

The skin on the hands is as important as on the rest of the body. You must take care of your hands by moisturizing them and protecting them from the sun. That way, they get a younger look.

Bleach your teeth

How to whiten sensitive teeth naturally
How to whiten sensitive teeth naturally

White teeth are equal to youth. There are many natural ways to whiten teeth; toothpaste and rinses can be very helpful.

Change your hairstyle

How to grow hair fast
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By changing your look, you look 10 years younger in just a few minutes. Long hair tends to be damaged in the tops and bleached in different colors in the sun. A good idea is to cut it and fix some loops to get a young and natural tone.

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Have more sex and you can look 10 years younger

you can look 10 years younger by doing sex with your partner regularly
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Dr. Weeks, a famous psychologist at Hospital Real in Edinburgh, UK, recently showed in a study that women and men with an active sex life look 5-7 years younger than their biological ages. The study showed that sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week can help keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

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