How to keep bananas for longer

How to keep bananas for longer |6 Tricks|

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How to keep bananas for longer: 

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the shopping cart. Sometimes we choose to take the ones we find in the supermarket, they are usually greener than ripe, although you never know. When he gets home he starts a race against the clock in search of a way to eat them before they spoil. Eating a banana at every snack can be boring, nothing better than balancing health and optimizing resources at home than learning how to keep bananas for longer at home without spoiling. Take note of these basic tips.

Steps to keep bananas for longer without spoiling

keep bananas for longer without spoiling
keep bananas for longer without spoiling

Use newspaper to keep bananas for longer

One of the homemade tricks that have been changing the lives of banana fans for decades is wrapping them in the newspaper. In this way, we will make them last much longer in the fridge and not oxidize so much. Besides, we will find another use for this type of paper that also inevitably ends up in the trash.

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Plastic wrap is also very useful

Only wrap the banana part of the group by which it is attached to others. This little secret, although it may seem difficult, will stop it from spoiling more promptly and will keep all its splendor for a few more days in the fridge in excellent condition with this simple trick.

Never separate them

Never separate bananas to keep them fresh Images

In the same way that we have placed the plastic wrap in the part of the bunch, they should stay together. Although the temptation is to separate them to organize the family snacks or breakfasts, it will be better to keep them together until it is time to consume them. Every time you pick one up, change the plastic wrap.

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Bananas always go to the fridge

So that they are perfect for longer, they should be in the refrigerator. The fruit bowl in the kitchen is only acceptable if we are going to eat them at the moment, but if we want them to really last for several days, better in the refrigerator as a way to stay perfect.

Use a plastic bag or keep the bananas away from other ingredients

An airtight bag like the one we use in the freezer can be perfect to ensure that the bananas do not turn black so quickly, it is a good trick so that thanks to the temperature of the refrigerator and the plastic bag they last longer.

Freeze the bananas

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You can peel and chop them, directly freezing this fruit. If you love smoothies, you can defrost them every morning to make a healthy drink with fruit in perfect condition. Especially recommended if we want to enjoy always perfect bananas, they will not oxidize and will maintain their properties.

All the options are valid if we want to enjoy perfect bananas

The ideal is always to buy just enough to consume, but if we find a good supply of bananas at a good price, we can find a way to keep bananas for longer. Eating 50% fruit and vegetables a day is an essential task and bananas will help us achieve it. These tips can be applied to more fruits, always in the fridge or freezer so they last longer.

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