How to get a verification badge on TikTok

How to get a verification badge on TikTok

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How to get a verification badge on TikTok

How to get a verification badge on TikTok
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TikTok only grants verification badges to its most genuine, popular, and influential users. Although the official criteria for this audit are kept secret, you can learn how to gain a loyal following to improve your chances of being crowned. These badges should not be confused with phone number verification, which gives you access to additional features on TikTok, including sending private messages, adding people in the tab find my friends, and the ability to comment on videos and live streams from other users. [1]

Steps to get a verification badge on TikTok

Share high-quality videos to get a verification badge on TikTok

A good quality phone camera is usually sufficient for shooting high-quality videos, but you can shine if you use professional equipment. To go even further, invest in a good tripod so that your videos are never shaky as well as an external microphone so that your sound is perfect.

  • No matter what type of camera you use, always shoot your videos vertically, so your TikTok followers don’t have to unscrew their necks to watch them.
  • If your video is of high quality and stands out, it could be featured. If it has been featured on the TikTok homepage, you will be notified by receiving a notification and the word Trend (in that particular format) will appear above your caption on TikTok.

Search the videos to see what works well

Do your favorite users stick to certain topics (eg comedy, a particular singer)? Are their videos always the same length? Do they use certain techniques to film them? What hashtags do they use? Try to replicate the way those with trending videos promote their content and try their techniques yourself.

  • You can find trending content on the TikTok homepage. Tap the house icon on the main page to go there, then tap For You or Trend.

Do anything to entertain

Do anything to entertain to get verification badge on tiktok
Do anything to entertain your followers |How or What Images|

Users attract crowds by having fun and being unique. Be full of energy, connect with the music and your surroundings in a new and thrilling way. Give people a reason to come back to your videos. Use your artistic talents and skills, your positive personality to push the boundaries of your videos.

Be consistent

Don’t give your followers a reason to forget that you exist. Keep posting quality videos regularly so they always have something to eat of you.

Consistency comes through the brand you create, so use the same username on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

Adopt trendy and relevant hashtags to get a verification badge on TikTok

Hashtags make it a snap for people to find the kind of videos they want to see. When you add a trending hashtag to your videos, you can get a lot of new users and your videos can even go viral!

Become friends with other users

One of the main factors that go into verifying your account is your number of fans. Socialize! Follow your favorite users and send them messages if you think you have something in common. And if you like what someone is doing, don’t forget to tell them. People love compliments, giving compliments gets you followers, and your followers get you noticed by TikTok.

Advice and Warnings
  • Do not use a subscriber generator. Not only do they not work, but it is also possible that they will steal your personal information and install malware or viruses on your phone or PC.
  • Keep in mind that getting famous shouldn’t be your goal on TikTok. If you make it your sole purpose, you will lose all taste in producing videos.

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