How To Eliminate Fleas in Newborn Kittens

How To Eliminate Fleas in Newborn Kittens

If you have kittens at home who are newborn or very young, did you notice the fleas in them? So, you will think about how to remove the fleas from them without hurting them. This task might seem quite tricky in the beginning.

You should first know that in these cases, you cannot use the same antiparasitic treatments that you would use for adult kittens. They could become ill and even die if they use these products.

Whether your kittens are pregnant or not, and whether they or their mother are suffering from fleas, you should consult your veterinarian immediately to find out if anything else needs to be done, and even what the best treatment is for your particular case.

The purpose of this article is to educate you on how to get rid of fleas from newborn kittens and kittens a few months old and give you lots of advice on how to handle this situation.

Newborn kittens with flea symptoms

You can catch fleas on your cat by noticing a few key symptoms even if they are not immediately obvious at first, when a newborn move and expresses much at a slower pace than an adult or a few months old. Examples of these symptoms are:

  • See fleas: You can see fleas walking through the fur of your kittens if they have fleas because they will jump and move through the coat far more prominently with more parasites present. Black spots will move rapidly along your hair, even jumping from one area to another. These are typically found in the armpits, neck, belly, and genital area. You should pay particular attention to the areas where these parasites must reside.
  • See flea feces: The black dots that you see in the kitten’s fur are not fleas, but their droppings, which indicate the presence of these parasites in the fur. You can also find them on the blanket or bed on which your pet sleeps.
  • Constant scratching: They scratch like any cat with fleas when they have them, as a baby they are probably incapable of scratching well with their paws. That is why you see them rubbing against their mother, their brother, and the blanket they are on, in addition to moaning constantly.

First, we’ll explain why it’s so important to deworm kittens to eliminate fleas.

Using flea products on newborn kittens is not recommended

It is not recommended for kittens to use flea products that are too strong or of a size that is dangerous for their health. Of course, there are flea products suitable for older kittens and kittens a few months old, but those for younger cats are not recommended.

For example, antiparasitic pipettes can only be applied to kittens who are 3 months or older, and the kitten must already weigh more than 1 kg. Shampoos, collars, pipettes, and antiparasitic drugs cannot be applied to kittens before that point.

Getting rid of fleas on newborn kittens

Knowing that you cannot use the usual products to internally deworm newborn kittens to remove fleas, how do you get rid of fleas from a 1 or 2-month-old cat? Or how do you acquire fleas on a small dog? Do not despair, as there are other ways to treat fleas in kittens that are equally effective for babies and kittens less than three months old. To effectively eliminate fleas, you must follow these steps:

  • Bath in warm water: When washing a newborn kitten, be sure to use warm water because animals are especially sensitive to cold, hot, or scalding water. If you can, have it washed well every day so that external parasites do not remain.
  • Shampoo for small kittens: Rinse your cat well with plenty of warm water, using kitten shampoo and avoiding a strong jet, and allowing the water to reach the ears, to avoid problems with the ears and eyes.
  • To remove fleas, use a comb: Flea combs are very fine spiked combs with which to remove fleas, lice, larvae, and their eggs from the fur. Gently brush the comb over the kitten’s body, particularly the face, so as not to scratch the fur. You should remove fleas from the fur of your cat as soon as possible from the fur so that they will not return in the fur of the kitten or the rest of the litter. They may even be in the fur of your mother or other pets.
  • Dry the kitten thoroughly: If your litter has several kittens, you will have to deworm each kitten before drying it deeply using clean towels. Drying each kitten thoroughly is vital since your health is very delicate and you could get sick if you get wet.

The best way to remove fleas from a mother kitten

To prevent fleas from newly born and nursing cats, as well as from other pets older than 3 months, apply anti-flea products as prescribed by a veterinarian. To deworm the mother of kittens with fleas, deworm the kittens as well.

However, for lactating kittens, anti-flea products are required for lactating cats, which have the same benefits for pregnant kittens, but not generic products for adult cats because the substances can affect the young from the breast milk. Alternatively, you can eliminate fleas from the nursing kitten using the steps above and/or the remedies that we describe below, if you cannot locate these products in your area.

Home remedies to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

Home remedies to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

The bath with warm water and soap that was outlined previously can, however, not be used for the treatment of fleas in newborn kittens or less than 3 months old. Instead, you should try the following remedies for fleas in newborn kittens.

Vaseline to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

Despite its oily consistency, vaseline is not harmful to cats and is very effective in removing fleas, since it immobilizes them and makes them easier to remove, or it can even cause their death by paralyzing them and causing them to stop functioning normally. Applying a little petroleum jelly to a problem area will cover the parasites and you can easily remove them with the flea comb. In the end, make sure to properly wash your child to remove the product completely.

Oils to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

A few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, or rosemary essential oil in some olive oil can drive away these parasites and even eliminate them.

In key spots where the small cat will not lick, such as the back withers or nape of the neck, apply a mixture of one of these essential oils with olive oil. This will effectively kill parasites without harming your furry friend.

Apple cider vinegar to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

You can very easily eliminate fleas from newborn kittens using apple cider vinegar. This product repels fleas and is suitable for small kittens. Specifically, you need 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of water. Afterward, you moisten a cotton cloth with the mixture and gently rub the baby’s body, excluding the face, with a gentle massaging motion.

It is best to perform this remedy outside your home, such as in the garden, because you will see how the fleas get out of their hair.

Chamomile to eliminate fleas in newborn kittens

An alternative remedy for kittens with fleas is chamomile, which as well repels them. You have to infuse it with water, then let it cool, then soak a cloth or cloth in it, and rub it gently over the kitten. Last but not least, let it dry for the optimal effect and soak in a warm bath to ensure good drying.

What you can do to get rid of fleas at home

In addition, you will need to ensure that there are not any more areas in your home where fleas or their eggs may be as if you do not do it soon, you will suffer an infestation in your house and your pet will also be affected.

To ensure that your kittens have a safe environment for fumigating and cleaning, once they are flea-free, you should take them to another house for a few days because they will not be in danger of a reaction to the products…

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