Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

In other words, they contain a string of characters that identify your browser or mobile device. Cookies serve several purposes.

Cookie files are stored on a computer or device, where they can be used to identify the computer or device and measure usage, enable navigation, remember preferences, and generally improve your browsing experience. Cookies can also be used to make the marketing that appears to be online more relevant to your interests and preferences.

Cookies used by HowOrWhat?

The types of cookies contain “Strictly Necessary,” “Performance,” “Functionality,” and “Targeting,” with Each of these categories having its own uses on the Service. The details of each cookie category can be found here.

Strictly necessary cookies. You need them to navigate the Service and use its features, such as logging in or accessing secured areas.

Performance Cookies. This cookie collects information about how you have used the Service, for example, the unique username you have provided, so we can keep our backend infrastructure at the minimum. Cookies may also enable us to remember that you are logged in so that we can provide you with fresher content than if you were not logged in. These cookies may also be used to analyze aggregate Service usage and experiment with new features and changes. The information collected allows us to improve the Service.

Functionality Cookies. Our cookies allow us to identify whether or not you’re logged in, whether you’ve edited an article while logged out, whether or not you’ve logged in or out, and whether you’ve used one or more of our tools. Our cookies may collect anonymous information, such as when you customize the toolbars in the right column of every page, or for other purposes, e.g., making the Service more useful and customizing features for you. These technology cookies may not track activities on other sites or services.

Targeting Cookies. These cookies allow us to deliver advertising relevant to your interests as well as remember what you’ve viewed on a particular site or service. These cookies can also track the websites you browse through without HowOrWhat’s involvement. In addition to sharing this information with other business partners to provide aggregate usage statistics of the service and aggregate service testing, HowOrWhat may share this information with Advertisers and/or Advertising Networks to deliver advertising while helping measure the success of the campaign.

First-party cookies

The cookies used by HowOrWhat are first-party cookies, which are used to provide features on the Service, such as logging in and accessing secured tools.

Third-party cookies

Our Service or our business partners may set cookies on your device to advertise products and services to you elsewhere on the Internet. These cookies may be placed by those providing services to us, such as analytics, or by those who provide services to us.

Google analytics

To analyze visitor behavior on HowOrWhat’s website, Google Analytics uses cookies. Google Analytics does not receive information related to your name or IP address from HowOrWhat. The information collected by Google Analytics cannot be linked to particular users and is only viewed in an aggregated fashion. More information on Google Analytics can be found at

Google AdSense and DoubleClick

To serve ads on some pages of the HowOrWhat Service, Google AdSense and DoubleClick employ cookies. These cookies are used to tailor advertisements for you based on your interests. Advertisements may appear on some sites based solely upon the page content, rather than being based on user information. For more information about advertising cookies, visit

What is the lifespan of a cookie on my device?

Cookies may only remain on your computer or mobile device for a limited time if they are “session” cookies. Persistent cookies have no expiration date and remain stored on your device until you delete them.

Managing cookies and deleting them

How to Remove Cookies from Your Browser provides instructions on how to remove cookies from your browser. However, it is possible that you will not be able to use all parts of our Service if you disable cookies on your browser.

Several third-party websites provide more information about cookie settings, such as

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