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Muhammad Usman Babar Director www.HowOrWhat.com

The goal of HOW or What is to provide worldwide access to information on how to do anything. The project brought together thousands of people in a worldwide effort.

On HOW or What you will find articles written by people who want to help others.

Why should you prefer HOW or What first?

HOW or What was founded by the creator of KidsRush.com. Unlike most other publishers, we spend a lot of time editing and reviewing HOW or What articles so you can guarantee the quality is top-notch. Most publishers rely on a single author to crank out their articles.

Seek out articles with a green expert checkmark as those articles have been reviewed. A doctor reviews a medical article, a veterinarian reviews a pet article, and a lawyer reviews a legal article.

The HOW or What team doesn’t merely provide quality content; we are constantly improving the content you see on our site. We constantly monitor the feedback our readers provide. It’s not uncommon to change the average HOW or What article nine times a year. We continually improve the article even after readers shower it with praise. And that’s a promise.

HOW or WHAT is the result of the combined labor of thousands of experts, hundreds of illustrators, and 1000s of volunteers. The best and most comprehensive how-to guides are continually being developed and reworked by the team.

How or What: Values

The core mission of HOW or What is to empower everyone on the planet to learn how to do anything. We are here first and foremost to help people. HOW or What abides by two other values along the way:

Guides on our site, published under the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license, are free for anyone to get and use. We primarily develop open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Since our company is carbon-neutral, we aim to make a positive impact on the world.

To further our educational mission, we support various nonprofit partners offline, as well as online.

Our Mission

We will empower all people on earth to learn anything by creating the most helpful instructions in the world.


Imagine a world in which anyone can quickly and easily learn how to do anything. Imagine a world in which everyone could benefit from accessing extensive detailed instructions in multiple languages. That’s what we aim to create.

We, at HOW or What, are a collective of knowledge philanthropists dedicated to building the best collection of how-to guides on the web. Our articles are continuously updated until we think they are the most complete and useful guide ever created for that topic.

Despite our knowledge that this ambitious goal will take many years to achieve, we are proud to know that millions of people already benefit from our services.

Throughout history, knowledge philanthropists have voluntarily shared, organized, created, and improved information to benefit society.

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