What are the common habits that cause breast sagging?

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6 common habits that cause breast sagging: 

We know that breast sagging is a natural process that we all have to go through as we get older. And it is that aging, just as it affects the firmness and appearance of the face, it also affects the breasts, causing them to no longer look so raised and beautiful. However, we can delay its effects, take care of the skin, and put aside those daily practices that can accelerate the process of losing breast firmness. Pay attention to this www.howorwhat.com article in which we show 6 common habits that cause breast sagging and that we must avoid at all costs.

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Wearing an inappropriate bra could cause breast sagging

Wearing an inappropriate bra
Wearing an inappropriate bra can cause the breast sagging

Many women do not wear the correct bra size, and this is undoubtedly one of the daily habits that can most affect the firmness of the breasts and contribute to premature breast sagging. It is essential to wear a bra every day that adapts perfectly to the shape of our breasts and that provides good support.

To do this, you must take the exact measurements and take into account various details such as the centimeters measured by your back and the cup that you will need depending on the size of your breasts. To clarify all your doubts,

Sudden changes in weight

Sudden changes in weight
Sudden changes in weight could cause breast sagging also.

Are you one of those who tend to follow rebound diets and lose and gain weight repeatedly? If so, you should know that in addition to being an unhealthy practice, this has a great influence on the appearance of your breasts, causing them to sag more easily. The reason is that the breasts are also made up of glands and fat, and each time you gain or lose kilos, their tissue stretches and becomes more flaccid. Besides, this facilitates the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which can lead to unsightly stretch marks on the breasts.

The best thing is that you put aside those “miracle diets” that promise significant weight loss in record time and follow a balanced, healthy, and low-fat diet.

To live a sedentary lifestyle

Women who do not practice any type of physical activity regularly suffer much more and earlier the breast sagging, than those who do exercise daily. If the muscles of the bust are not worked, it is normal that the breasts lose their firmness and elasticity with more intensity and that, as we age, they look saggy and with a very unaesthetic appearance.

The solution? Strive to do some daily exercise, combining a cardiovascular workout with those localized exercises that can help you have a plump and visibly lifted bust.

Poor body posture

Another of the daily habits that are detrimental to the firmness of the breasts is having a bad body posture throughout the day. If you usually walk hunched over or when you are sitting you end up leaning too far forward, it is important that you correct these positions and not only so that your breasts look more raised, but also for the health of your back.

Try to maintain a correct posture by walking with your back straight and your head upright wherever you go. And when you are sitting, stick your back to the back of the chair and you will see how this helps you take care of your position at all times.

Do not use sunscreen

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Many times when we go to the beach and put on the sunscreen, we forget to apply it to some parts of the body such as the breasts, and this greatly affects its smoothness and firmness. He thinks that the skin of the neckline and bust is very delicate and when it receives the UV rays of the sun directly, they cause it to burn, wrinkle, and, therefore, age more quickly.

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in those hours when it affects more intensity, and when you go to do it, apply a high factor sunscreen (minimum of 30) all over the body, without forgetting any area.


Stop smoking
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The snuff is a vice that not only negatively affects health, but also one of the most damaging elements that exist for our skin. It causes skin dehydration, loss of flexibility, elasticity, shine, and decreases the production of collagen. All this translates into premature aging that is visible in all areas of the body, including the breasts, which can sag more easily and have more wrinkles.

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